Summer Camp 6.Well not yet at least and I will let you all know if I start writing one or if someone asks their permission for it.While Silena stopped laughing in an instant, Harry's smile grew wider as he calmly walked towards her and swept her in a bone crushing hug.It wasn't like they really needed anything anyways as the hunters had come out of the defense of Olympus relatively unscathed.Harry wouldn't admit it to anyone, but the last few weeks had been nerve wracking for him and he had refused to look at the so called storm system that was moving through the country.Perhaps she could get grandkids in a few years. Alianza Centerbrok y ANAGAN. Introductions 7.Harry knew that if he had faced the titan when they had recovered he would have felt like an ant against a boot, but it was in the back of his mind hidden under layers. Snow Glows White Tonight 8.As their lips connected, Harry's only thought was that this was well worth the wait.I'm okay with how this story came out, especially as I think it improved as time went on, but I'll leave it up to you all to decide on how you like it.Of course, she will have to be told exactly where they are, but it is possible. Council 14. Hunter's Camp 15.Artemis also thought of how Zoe was now free from her vows and had immortality still.Many of the gods and demigods had flinched slightly when he had been introduced as Death's right hand.Right before another wave in the battle was not the time to allow the young woman a chance to prove herself. The End of Bessie 16. Introductions 7.

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Harry and the Gods Chapter 26

Harry and the Gods Chapter 26: This is the End, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

PERCABETH FANFICTION! ~ ‘First Day’ | Percy Jackson FanFiction

The black haired boy was tired, hungry, and uncomfortable in his own skin - more so than before - and had long since earned a rest.At least they decided to bring him along with them on their vacation to America, Harry had always wanted to see what it was like here.After his last year of school, and maybe Percy’s too given how he tried to avoid talking about it, both deserved the comfort they’d found together.The talk she’d planned to give both about Percy’s father can wait just a bit longer.The endless glittering expanse of water, colored under the red-purple sky and ever-flowing, was mesmerizing.Or just friends that really like each other?”. Ruby Begins Ch 2. Dodds earlier this year just to name a few.That was before he found himself lost and alone in a foreign country with only his trunk and the clothes on his back.The jet black haired boy actually looks giddy, if he had to place the emotion behind that smile on his handsome face.Percy briefly wonders if he’ll turn into a mermaid at puberty the way Harry turned sort-of Gorgon.Upon pulling the blanket the smaller red-tinted-black haired boy had burrowed under for the night her son and her had stared, shocked silent.Ever since the Chamber of Secrets ordeal, his slaying the Basilisk and being saved by Fawkes’ tears, he’d been feeling off.His hands, while still delicate looking, bore wicked retractable talons of black.And the mother was glad to let the other 12 year old (almost 13 year old) stay with her and Percy for a while, actually get to enjoy himself with his new friend in her son.Given the talk the gorgon-like boy started about magic and his school of such in England to try and find an explanation for how he’d transformed into said new form (And really, why and how did his teachers get away with leaving a twelve year old to face and slay a thousands of years old basilisk and protect his fellow students?) Sally thinks that maybe, just maybe, it won’t be too bad if she starts to tell her son the truth.He had long since realized things around him weren’t quite so normal as his mom and peers claimed and hoped they were.Percy doesn’t look weirded out at all, as he’d feared we would be.At least more than he has any other person in his life.Never in his life has he felt so comfortable both physically and mentally, and for that he’s positive that he loves Percy Jackson.He wasn’t the only one to see and experience monsters and crazy stuff that everyone ignored, nor was he the only one who could speak to and understand animals.Percy could certainly have done far worse than Harry, even if the boy turns out to be a different kind of not quite human than Perseus is as she suspects.

He raced after the Dracaena, somehow telling it apart from the other Dracaena. Awesome.He looked terribly weak, and he spoke every word as if it were painful.Marching up the side of the mountain, from the beach where Princess Andromeda was docked, was a great army.Percy caught him looking and gave him a weak smile.She gazed at Luke, her eyes full of pain as if the only thing she wanted in the world was to believe him. Yj anon meme. Harry watched in horror as Atlas slashed towards Percy. Metal Angels From Mars 10. Harry can manage them.A few giants threw javelins, and one flew straight between the wings of the plane, but the machine guns blazed.He was alone. Ares, Aphrodite and Percy 7. Luke was still quick with his sword.Percy ? the idiot ? was running towards Atlas with his sword raised.The sky still yearns to embrace the earth.What? Percy was not fighting with Atlas anymore.Chiron had told him long ago: Immortals are constrained by ancient rules. He looked back to where Percy had been fighting Atlas.It was as if all the monsters wanted him to stay away from Percy.Someone must hold it at bay, or else it would crash down upon this place, instantly flattening the mountain and everything within a hundred leagues. Ares, Aphrodite and Percy 7.Both were mad at the heights of their intelligence.He was pretty sure he wasn't a son of Hades, to give away death like that. Fatgum. Harry ran to take the load away but an Empousa stood in his way.What? How? He looked at the person holding the sky, and his jaw dropped.

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A Potter in America Chapter 2

Wizard and Demigod: Double Trouble Chapter 11: Destined for Greatness, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Hermione Granger's Stolen Treasure - Chapter 1 (Fanfiction)

To keep them safe Rachel and Grover had decided to separate the children, it would make their sent harder to track, they had reasoned.Their mother had built the hatch under the floor for such an occasion.Careful not to step on the glass in their bare feet, they moved into the open in a tight huddle.Charlie and his siblings had always known that their parents where Demigod, they were the grandchild of Poseidon and Athena and even through being the related to a God did have some particular benefits Charlie was old enough to understand that it also came at a price.Glass and blood marked the floor of the Jackson family house.An Evil is coming and Hogwarts School seems to be at the very heart of it. Hiccup x jack. He had to be strong he thought over and over in his head, but his mind couldn't stop re living the event that had torn through their lives moments before.Charlie had been woken by the noise and had known what to do instantly, he had silently gathered his siblings and hid them under the floorboards.They came like ghosts in the night and it was all over before it had even started.Though they never thought that they would have to use it.Rachel had explained that some very ancient and powerful monsters were after them and that they had taken their parents.He pulled the photo out of the glass and clutched it tightly in his hand, his eyes burning with tears.The Jackson's had seen monsters before, since they were the descendants of two very major Gods it was impossible to have a completely free monster life, but all the monsters that had discovered the whereabouts of the Jackson family had received a one way ticket back to Tartarus.Scattered across the globe and with no way to find one another the Jackson Family went into hiding.Very slowly a small hatch from underneath the floor boards began to open and four very small figures crawled out cautiously.They walked around the wreck that was their house and saw no sign of their parents.The youngest child was a boy who was of 8 years, clung to the arm of this eldest sister.They had gone straight to their parents' bedroom and attacked them while they were sleeping.The family of six smiled up at him, the photo had been taken when the family had gone on holiday to San Francisco to visit New Rome.The eldest, a boy of 11 years old had his arms protectively over this two younger sisters, aged 10 and 9.They didn't tell the Jacksons of what they knew but they clearly knew more than what they were saying.Their children scattered across the world in hiding.

Excellent.Bianca, the newest recruit, gave me a look, asking me why she needed them.Percy Jackson, my half brother, ran across the creek a second later, an angry Thalia Grace behind him.I skirted around the edge of the clearing, taking care to not leave footprints in the snow.Spread rumors that led to bullying? Check.Bianca shoved hers in a little too late and winced at the horrible lines. An ABDL story eBook. I aimed for his forehead, making a silver arrow lodge there life a unicorn horn.They don't like talking about their past.The manticore shouted something before one of the half bloods, a blonde haired girl, jumped on his back.I tapped the flag three times, making fake flags.It wasn't complete invisibility, but I was powerful enough that it was pretty darn close.When Apollo was finished, we took out the plugs and watched in amusement as Artemis bickered with her brother.A small smirk graced my lips.There were three guards at the foot of the pile of boulders, guarding the flag that was at the top.I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to let her drive (I wasn't paying attention), but it was a TERRIBLE idea.I repeated the process before coming to a small clearing. No one was chasing Zoe.Kicking me out of school and the house for being Dark and a freak respectively.The rest of us practically shoved them into our ears as Apollo burst out into a Haiku.Kind of funny, huh? Tom Riddle waltzes up to the Ministry, takes a prophecy, and tells the public that their savior is really the girl they neglected and believed to be Dark.

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Wizard and Demigod

Stars Shine Bright Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Rap Battles of the Fictional Universe #1: Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter

She could read his heart and he was so pure and so scared.They quickly joined the lines heading for the Pavillion.They assured him he would be able to eat more in time and sent him off to the sing-along.She was Lady Hecate Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft.He had so many questions and the best way to get them answered was to actually start the day.When he was younger his aunt had always made him sleep in his nappy only. Julian x apprentice. The Prophecy spoke of the Child of Magic to help the Hero of Prophecy.They hurt him and treated him like a slave but then a woman had come to him she had taken him into a magical world and helped him claim his inheritance..He apologized to the fawns who took his plate away and told them that it was very good and he wanted to finish but he just couldn't eat that much.He was sitting sideways on the broom and floating in front of the big farmhouse. No that wouldn't do at all.Harry noticed that the campers weren't following them.The whole Camp was her as were the Gods and Goddesses and every Immortal.Outside Jason, son of Zeus, the blond-haired boy from before was frowning at the hill.He knew that Harry was opening them to air out the place.She'd all but forgotten about James until she'd felt such powerful magic from their son.Jason lead the way over to his table and sat down.Harry stumbled out a thank you and went inside. He waited then knocked again.Jason narrowly missed being seen by Hecate when she left.What was with this blue screen floating in front of him.The horn blew just as they came out of the woods. Larry stylinson fluff. It was awhile before Jason dared to chance a peek inside.Across the hall was a library, down from that was a bathroom for visitors.She led him to a very large hill in the middle of the forest.He then knocked.Two things, the very cute boy from before liked to do.They flew towards the Pavillion with Jason leading and Harry following.He hadn't really understood until she explained about the worlds of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.He searched for more windows and quickly found them.He spied Harry on the far side looking through cupboards and a fridge.A blond-haired boy in the crowd who was standing close to Zeus stared after the boy on the broom.As he got older she would take his clothes to was so he could wear them the next day.One the right there was a living room area, on the left was the kitchen area.He was standing in a rundown camp holding a backpack with all of his worldly possessions in it.Only he could ride it and it had magic in every part of it.

It was then that he mentally chose the one decision, the one thing that he knew was the craziest thing he ever could do.She saw he wouldn't give any further details as both stared at one another for a few moments, only for Artemis to look at the hand and then his eyes, seeing no deceit, took the hand firmly and shook it. Chases radio coms unit and informed him that they had Annabeth safe and sound and that she was now in a safe place, recuperating.Harry felt the unfortunate souls of the now deceased Demi-Gods as they passed into the afterlife.The moment both the Cerberus and large Cat came out, it didn't end there as from the storm clouds came two dragons.The weakened Demi-Goddess began to protest until she disappeared with the tiny elf with a pop. Lance's Family. And it showed in Atlas's fighting style which Harry saw several weaknesses in that he exploited with the slashes and cuts he inflicted in Atlas's exposed skin, that was followed up with Zoe's arrows.Artemis wooped in the thrill of the speed she felt the chopper fly at.We know about Bianca and Nico di Angelo, but what about their elder brother Hadrian.As Harry said and with a bit of direction from Hermione, Artemis flew to a spot that resembled a helicopter landing pad on Hephaestus's area of Olympus, with small flaming torches surrounding it, revealing it to be what it was.With them behind the Titan, both Goddess and Demi-God didn't waist anytime as both slashed and hacked after kicking Atlas in the back before he could spin around to swing around to smack or strike either individual.

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a Harry Potter + Percy

Lone-Wolf Potter Chapter 6 Distressed Damsels, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Percy Jackson Vs Harry Potter

Por los dioses, las moiras tienen algo con su hilo que no lo dejan en paz.Comments: 2 Kudos: 4 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 115.No obstante trataré de resumir cada historia que contenga el crossover.

She told them of her abandonment, her treatment by the Durley's, her transformation and life following, but she kept the reason for her transformation to herself.When she finished the story and looked up, the two listeners had faces of anger and hatred.Looking around, she only saw one other girl.However, minutes seemed to pass by and still she was alive.Wrong BWL, femslash, Rated M for Violence and maybe more.She had gone five years without physical contact. Gakupo x Luka Archive. Seeing a girl around fifteen years old with red hair and silver eyes, she grew confused until she saw the bow she held and the quiver of arrows on her back..Reaching out to touch the young monster, the goddess placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.Eager to show off to the goddess, she asked if she could light the fire.Artemis and her lieutenant sat down on one side of the pit.You are not responsible for your parents.Whimpering, she closed her eyes again and covered her ears with her hands.However, it is my understanding, that you parent protected what is important to him.Glancing at the hand in fear, she recalled all the times her uncle hit her.Thrown away by her family, what is she to do when they force her to return to the Wizarding World after PJO's Titan's Curse.You shall not suffer for what they have done.Forced to bring her monster half forward at young age, she soon finds herself among a new world impossibly connected to both sides of her parentage.Giving into her nature, she peeked one eye open.I am the Goddess of the Wilderness among other things.

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe
Lone-Wolf Potter Chapter 6 Distressed Damsels

The Huntress and the Dragon Chapter 2, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Percy Jackson - "Feels Like Home" [Comic dub]

I laid there, unable to move, the pain was so horrible.My Camp Half-Blood shirt, becoming visible.I stepped over them, but was immediately pushed back.Its really huge.These English people don't know how to be dam quiet.Where am I? Why can't I remember how I got here. HDK 47 † Das Schloss von Dr. I think the medicine is getting to my brain.Windows lined the sides, the sky was dark.Green sparks were the last things I saw before passing out from the pain.This must be what it feels like when something bad tries to come into this building.He had slightly different facial features and round glasses.Breathing hurt.They are meant to keep trespassers out forever.Before I knew it, we were at the front doors.I'm going to die.He had the windswept black hair, the sea green eyes.I try to sleep, next thing you know I'm woken by someone trying to blast my eardrum.I nodded, feeling like I should tell him everything but stopped myself.I was just at camp heading back to my cabin when I just suddenly fell asleep.So we aren't in America.We finally reached the borders, at least thats what he calls it.He took out a wooden stick and waved it in the air. Hehe dam. Noctis x ardyn. Once he realized I was just standing there like 'whats up with this dude?' he relaxed.They were dressed in the same funky robes as Harry.Where's Annabeth? I reached down feeling for Riptide.Or, another unnecessary PJO and HP crossover. I open my eyes, the bright light nearly blinding me.A boy with red hair and a girl with curly brown hair.Oh and since I just told you that Im going to have to erase your memory.I stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do.It sprung me back onto the grass a few feet away.I was confused, this guy looked a lot like me.I stood up, taking in my surroundings, searching for any sense of danger. Like gargantuan.The doors on the far side of the room swung open, two people entered. Bigger than a giant. In situations like this I would normally not panic but after Tartarus and being on this weird medicine, I did.One day I was walking down to Hagrids house when you just fell from the sky.He opened them quietly, leading me out into the chilly air.I started to whistle to the tune call me maybe. Fantastic.He looked like he was at a loss for words.. I felt like every bone in my body had broken

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe

Not that would be a problem James wanted to be Lord Ares' and give lots of strong demigod children.Demeter will start with Hades like she has since he took Persephone as his bride, his father and uncle will start arguing because his father loved to argue with his older brother.Comments: 36 Kudos: 442 Bookmarks: 124 Hits: 7498.Lucky for Ares his mother will not cook nope she tied that once and it turned out very bad she burnt the whole meal.Their child was probably already conceived, even Ares saw the hand movement and saw thought their child was conceived on his bike.With very tight pants enough to show his ass, and a tee shirt. Lyrics YouTube. She knew he was falling in love with a mortal and didn't say anything she knew he would comeback to her she didn't care, this mortal was special to get the heart of the harden war god.If it was not for Hestia intervention there would not be a meal.Walked to Aphrodite who was with his brother her husband and kissed her.Meeting Percy Jackson and and finding out he is also Hecate's blessed how will he go with his lofe as a demigod wizard.With that Ares drove off but before finding where his little blessed lived and saw a mansion.The god could not deny the size the guys ass was making him hard.He teleported himself to the room that his mother made for these cocasions he walked into the room.Hestia will be cooking this meal again and his aunt is an amazing cook.James had gotten off the bike and was standing up he fixed his shirt first, but it didn't cover the tattoo thst Ares gave him then he pulled his jeans up.

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe

Comments: 3 Kudos: 59 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 2365.I'll be updating settings every once in a while but feel free to join now. Link.

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe

They didn’t even look at each other until Percy washed down the rest of the shampoo off his head and stepped out of the bathtub.Percy’s wet arms around him soaked his shirt, but again, with Percy’s arms around him, he couldn’t care less..Before the demigod took it, there was a short moment as they stopped for a moment to stare into each other’s eyes.The boys stumbled to the bathroom slow and steady.Sally and Paul were having a late-night snack at the kitchen table, and straight-up jumped up as the two boys appeared next to the couch. Beatrix Dominatrix by guitartist03 on DeviantArt. It’s you that worries me, it has always been you.That previous soft smile on his lips slowly turned into numbness as the water washed down the dirt and blood from his skin.But the more important thing is you to know that I won’t be here every time you’re covered in blood to clear you up.They just kept laughing and laughing, until they got tired holding each other.Harry, putting all of his bravery together (Gryffindor style), stroked the other boy’s hair and just kissed him.It felt so unreal after Percy convinced himself they weren’t even such a great duo, and this drifting-apart was probably the best for them.Harry’s hands moved gently, paying attention to all the small cuts running through his arms and torso.He stood three feet away from him, reaching for Percy’s hand.After all, they were close friends before, they own this to each other, right.On dark days, Percy still recalled those nights when they just got drunk sang songs from Disney’s Hercules on the beach with Hermione, Jason and the others.

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe

His eyes widened as he realized Harry Potter was facing him.Pearly white, slightly transparent, they floated across the room without giving a glance to the students gathered.I'm Vernon Dursley, and this is my wife, Petunia Dursley born Evans, Harry's aunt.Embarrassed by the staring eyes on the new ones, Harry looked up at a velvet-black ceiling studded with stars. Potter.About twenty ghosts had appeared while crossing the back wall. Octopath traveler lianna and eliza. The latter rose furiously, ready to administer a correction to his freak nephew, when he froze.He looked around, the other students looked terrified.He also told him to never look at Dumbledore in the eyes.Moreover, Lucius did not hesitate to tell him that the Death Eaters were still active, but their loyalty was directly to Harry, since the Mark of the Death Eaters was in fact related to Voldemort's blood, and thus to Harry.He raised his head, fearing Vernon's reaction, but he did not see anger in his eyes, but regret indeed. Yes, it's obvious that you're not made for Gryffindor, even though you're the heir.Harry also discovered that he could now summon the Gryffindor sword whenever he saw fit.She first took Dudley to his room and tucked him.During your year at Hogwarts, every time you get good results you will earn points for your house, but every time you break the common rules, your house will lose points. Scattered among the students, the ghosts shone like plumes of silver mist.Harry, who had closed his eyes, opened them, and saw that Petunia and Vernon were frozen.

harry potter percy jackson fanfiction harry x zoe

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